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Drive units and bearings

Driving equipment’s are the devices for transformation of progressive or rotating movements of separate machine elements or the whole equipment complexes. These devices are used in different spheres and give an opportunity to solve a huge amount of technological process.

Sphere of application

It`s difficult to name spheres where drive units are not being used. Saint-Petersburg and other cities annually consume hundreds of thousands couplings, gear units and other units for it`s industry. It`s also essential for small machines and mechanisms.

Driving units is an essential base for:

  • Fans and smoke detectors
  • Assemble automats
  • Mashine tools
  • Pumps, compressors and a plenty of refrigeration units
  • All types of conveyors
  • Lifting equipment-cranes, telphers
  • Elevators
  • Rail transport

Classification and application of drive units

Depending on the task drive units subdivide to the following types:

  • Electrical drive unit converts electrical energy into mechanical.
  • Geared motor or gear unit – converts electrical energy provided by electrical engine to the linear or rotational energy to the driven object.
    Gear units are independent mechanisms, connected to the equipment, geared motors are used for both function being at the same time an electrical engine and a gear unit
  • Couplings – are the devices, used to connect mechanisms for transmitting torque. Some of them could compensate misalignment, make protection and other functions.
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