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F&F Company deals over 20 years with supply of driving systems and engeneering. We are an official representative of European gear units and other technic of this sphere manufacturer. Our partners are such companies as FLENDER GRAFFENSTADEN-world leader manufacturer of high speed gearboxes and SIEMENS-the leading manufacturer of driving technics, well known more then 100 years on the market. We propose to get known with our catalogue and consider gear units for buying with qualified warranty and post-warranty service.

Gear unit selection

All of the gear units are classified by three main parameters:

  • Type of gear.
  • Gear wheel construction.
  • Axial shaft arrangement.

Further the choice is made concerning ratio, perceptible loads, efficiency and operation mode. It`s crucial to take in account an interaxial distance, dimensions, possibilities of binding and other factors, influencing gear installation. However, we should also consider the operational features of equipment. Such important factors as an amount of work hours within 24 hours, allowable environmental temperature and dust-waterproof demands should be taken into account and match with the operation conditions. Our specialists would help to select and by proper gear units according to your demands.

Gear units by F&F GmbH

The main advantage of our company – is a high quality and reliability of our equipment. Direct deliveries allow us to offer you the best prices and the shortest delivery time. We could offer you best quality, service and flexible approach to every client.

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